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Image of Suchard Chocolate envelopes and contents

P H Suchard

I am trying to find out some information on the above Suchard's chocolate ephemera which I have just inherited from my grandmother and hoped that you might be able to help?

I have got about 30 small matchbox-sized envelopes, each containing a small, carefully folded piece of paper with either a score of music or a poem.

Each envelope is approximately 6 x 4cms (2¼ x 1½ins) and has a small red, wax seal on the reverse and the words "P H Suchard". The paper is very thick, good quality and the gold embossing is rich and well done. Each contains a unique piece of coloured paper, the language is all in French.

Q Does anyone know anything about these? I have searched the internet and have not found any information at all. Any clues your members or fellow collectors can give me would be greatly appreciated.




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