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British Dance Cards

My PhD, which is now in year six, is analysing the data from British dance cards to ascertain the changes in social dance 1905 to 1925 against changes in British women's lives occurring during the same time frame.

In addition I am also analysing the information from the sheet music played for each dance where a song title appears on a dance card. It is a fascinating study.

Between 1900 and 1925, there are just five UK years remaining for which I have no dance cards at all. They are the core years of The Great War: 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918 and additionally 1920. They have completely eluded me.

Q It would be lovely if anyone had any WW1 dance cards and could supply me with the details on them: event, date, venue, the dances and music shown on the inside.



A One reason there is a scarcity of dance cards from the First World War War period could be that such social events were not held.

Beverley Raphael writes "The sheer numbers of war dead were entirely unprecedented, the nature of their deaths was horrific and the communal grief was often overwhelming. Soldiers and bereaved families largely repressed their emotions and coped in silence." (When Disaster Strikes, New York 1986.)

For a further understanding on bereavement and mourning in Britain during the First World War read this piece by Patricia Jalland, Australian National University on the International Encyclopedia of the First World War website.



British dance card