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The Rewards of Membership

Applications for membership are invited from all who are interested in printed and hand-written ephemera.

Members enjoy a lively programme of events and - of particular value to collectors - a number of ephemera fairs each year which promote the discovery of fresh collectable material. Members of the Society enjoy the privilege of early access.

The Society also arranges special 'behind-the-scenes' visits to such places as the John Johnson Collection at the Bodleian Library, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Library, St Bride Library and the Magic Circle.

Members receive the Society's acclaimed illustrated journal,
The Ephemerist, which contains news, articles, members’ sales-and-wants advertisements, notes and queries and reviews of new books and current exhibitions. Published quarterly, The Ephemerist, has established a reputation as a source of quality information on all aspects of ephemera. Attractively produced with up to 32 pages, many in colour, it brings together new writing by academics and collectors offering insights into their own specialist areas of expertise.

Image members handbook Exclusive to members is the Ephemera Society Handbook which lists names and addresses of fellow members, including dealers, with their specialised collecting interests, plus a subject index which facilitates the finding of like-minded enthusiasts and aid in the locating of relevant specialists.

It's simple to become a member

Annual Membership Subscriptions

United Kingdom £25
Student £10

Europe £35/€45
Student £20/€25

Rest of the world £45/US$75
Student £30/US$50

If you would like to become a member of the Society, please complete the membership application form. We have provided a printable form for you to fill in, just click here and print it out, or download the form as a PDF file (26KB). No printer available? Then simply contact us and we will post an application form to you.


  The Ephemerist
  Winter 2013 issue
Front cover of The Ephemerist

In this issue of the journal:

  • Diane Bilbey
    ‘Britain can make it’: a dream of the future
  • Shauni Lane
    Pencil me in
  • Sarah Barker
    The changing face of the volvelle
  • Derek Twiner
    Two boxes – one year on
  • John C. Foster
    Papering the house – theatrically speaking
  • Plus regular favourites:
    Mrs Pepys' Diary and Notes & Queries

Cover image:
Detail from a full-page advertisement for Cadbury's cocoa, published in the January 4, 1902 issue of The Sphere. The advert shows not Father Christmas but Old Father Time.

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