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A Lesson or Charge

Apprentice Papers

  • A Lesson or Charge
  • Company of Stationers
  • Printed by Harrison and Sons, Printers in Ordinary to Her Majesty, St Martin’s Lane
  • Circa 1890s
  • 203 x 254mm (8 x 10in)

“You shall be Good and True to our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria.
You shall neither know nor hear of any Treason, Murder, or Felony done, or to be done, but you shall forthwith disclose and reveal the same to your Master.
You shall be obedient to your Master and Mistress, and respectful to their Children, Kindred and Neighbours.
You shall, from time to time, do your Duty and due Reverence to the Master and Wardens, and to others the Worshipful of this Company. You shall be civil and gentle in Language, and in all other behaviour to your Elders, and to all manner of Persons.
You shall wear your Apparel decently and seemly.
You shall use fair and gentle Words in Buying and Selling, especially shunning Swearing and Lying.
You shall not give evil example by any wicked Word or Action.
You shall deal honestly and truly, and not injure your Master, nor suffer any other to do so.
You shall not play at Dice, Cards, nor any other unlawful Game. Neither shall you frequent Taverns or Ale Houses.
You shall be no Stealer, Loiterer on Errands, nor Runner away, nor be an Enticer of any other to do so. Neither shall you frequent or use evil or dishonest Company at any time, upon pain of due Correction for the same by your Master, and further as shall be thought meet by the Master and Wardens of this Company.”


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