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Image of Lottery flyer circa 1825

Paul Pry

Flyer for English National Lottery, circa 1825
89 x 223mm (3½ x 8¾in)

Paul Pry is a comedy by John Poole (1786-1872) in three acts and premiered in London on 13 September 1825 at the Haymarket Theatre.

The storyline is centered on a comical, idle, meddlesome and mischievous fellow consumed with curiosity. Unable to mind his own business, he's an interfering busybody who conveniently leaves behind an umbrella everywhere he goes in order to have an excuse to return and eavesdrop.

In the original 1825 London production, Madame Vestris sang "Cherry Ripe", and John Liston portrayed the title character. His costume included striped pants, hessian boots, top hat, and tailcoat. Liston's portrayal was so popular that images of Liston as Pry appeared on signs, shops, warehouses, handkerchiefs, and snuff boxes.

Source: Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Pry_(play)



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